Lindas' Story

Linda has a MBA and practical business experience combined with a Passion for SME Entrepreneurs to “Stop Dreaming, Stop Procrastinating and to Bounce Forward” as it is time for them to “Get Set, Reset and Recover”
She believes in the one true and living God, a mother of one, as well as a grandmother of one.
On realising that many small entrepreneurs don’t have a shoulder to lean on or supporting hands to guide them with their daily business challenges, this has fuelled her passion to empower such entrepreneurs on their journey to success- from starting their business idea(seed) to a productive and financially successful business.
Linda knows how to start with limited finances and a skilled Team, in her case a family team headed by her father {who is now resting comfortably with his Lord} has enabled her to support her family business as it remains in business for fifty plus years.

She was inspired by her father entrepreneurial spirit, not to be an employee but to instead join her managerial expertise with the skill of her male siblings to add value in his business which is now over 50 years.
Linda has experienced how to manoeuvre financial resources, and use various business management tools and people oriented skills during two challenging global economic downturns. This valuable learning experience she needs to share and do not contribute to the adage that “the graveyard is the wealthiest place”
She is a team player and has a Resourceful Team with a similar passion join her as she develops her initiative at Gemssco Business Incubator Facility – aka – E.P.I.C {Extraordinary Productivity In Communities}.
The experience and knowledge her TEAM brings to the table confirms that ‘Together Each Accomplish More’ which itself is a testimony, inspiration and motivation for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs.
She Encourages, Empowers and Enlighten entrepreneurs to understand their power within and move to action so their dreams can become a reality. ‘if it is to be it is up to me’

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